Fra Mauro

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Fra Mauro (58 miles) is a low walled formation. Look for it 1 day after first quarter. A low sun angle is needed to view the rim surrounding its large flat floor. A large section of the eastern rim is entirely missing. There are some shallow rills that I can make out in my 6 inch refractor at lunar sunrise in this area. It is conjoined with Parry and Bonpland on its southern rim. When viewed through a telescope that inverts the image this trio reminds me of Mickey Mouse.

Bonpland (36 miles) is another ruined formation. The walls are high only where its rim interacts with Fra Mauro and Parry on its north and eastern rim. Its southern rim is marked by an outline of small hills. The flat floor does contain shallow rills and many small craterlets that will require at least 6 inches of aperture to spot.

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