Innovative China

  • Ian E. Maxwell

The last decade has seen the rise of large emerging economies such as China and India to the status of global players. China has enjoyed dramatic double-digit GDP growth during this period driven by providing the world with low-cost manufacturing capabilities. However, China is now demonstrating the ambition to “lift the game” and develop its own IP and global brands by providing a strong stimulus for innovation.

Inventive to Innovative Dragons

China has a long history of notable inventions including silk weaving, the magnetic compass, astronomical clocks, suspension bridges, gun powder, hydraulics and iron smelting. Somewhat surprisingly, China lost this early technological lead to Europe in the 15th century because the country was unable to capitalize on these inventions to create an innovation-driven economy. According to Denis Simon of the Levin Graduate Institute, this was most likely due to the fact that these early Chinese inventors were artisans and craftsman and were unable to...


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