Nanotech Innovation

  • Ian E. Maxwell

Miniaturization has been a powerful technological driving force for some decades with the electronic microchip industry as a familiar example. Gordon Moore predicted some 40 years ago that the number of transistors on a chip would double, as a result of incremental innovation, every 18 months to two years and “Moore’s law” has proven to be remarkably accurate.

The term nanotechnology is employed for the creation and application of materials with particle sizes in the range 1–100 nm, a nanometer being one billionth (one thousand-millionth) of a metre. At this level of miniaturization, materials are in the form of small clusters of atomic particles and often exhibit physical and chemical properties quite different from larger particles of the same or similar composition. This can be exploited in novel devices and products that are beginning to achieve market penetration in various branches. Many new companies, often supported by venture capital, are adopting strategies that focus around...


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