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Hi Claudio,

Good to see you. I am sorry I am not able to be there for your birthday. Jackie and I really loved our visit last year, and I am sure we would have enormously enjoyed what I expect will be a great party, but at the moment we have a previous engagement somewhere in Thailand.

I have known Claudio since he was a mere lad of 22, a young graduate student of Johnnie Wheeler when I first came to Princeton. He then stayed on as an Assistant Professor, so I have known him for more than half of his life. After Princeton he went to Texas and a few years later, much to my surprise, returned to Chile, first on a part time basis, and then full time. I must say that at the time I was surprised and amazed that he did this. I really admired him for his courage and dedication in going back to Chile to help build science at such a very difficult and dangerous time.

I was delighted over the years to visit Claudio at the institute that he established in Santiago and later in Valdivia. I tried to do the little I could do to help him in his remarkable leadership in developing science in Chile and in healing the wounds of previous hard times.

Claudio Teitelboim is truly a great scientist and a great statesman of science. He has helped to transform Chilean science. I have enormous respect for him and all that he has achieved and I just wish that I was there in person to offer him my congratulations. I cannot be in Chile, so from afar, congratulations Claudio!

To paraphrase a well known Hebrew saying that is often said on such occasions “until 120”. You are already half way there, so enjoy the rest, the second half.

Best of wishes



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