Development of T Lymphocytes

  • Benjamin A. Schwarz
  • Avinash Bhandoola


The goal of this chapter is to introduce readers to the cellular and molecular basis of T-cell differentiation. We have divided T-cell development into three major stages (early T-lineage development, β or γδ selection, positive and negative selection). These correlate with specific subsets of thymocytes (ETP-DN3, DN3-DP, DP-SP thymocytes), specific locations within the thymus (cortex, subcapsular zone, cortex and medulla), T-cell receptor rearrangement events (no functional rearrangements, β or γδ rearrangements, α rearrangements), and lineage fate decisions (T-lineage commitment, αβ vs. γδ, CD4 vs. CD8). Models for each developmental decision and the molecular players are presented.


Negative Selection Recombination Signal Sequence Subcapsular Zone Tcrb Locus Thymus Settling 
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