Development of Historical Memory as a Psychosocial Recovery Process

  • Rosa Lia Chauca-Sabroso
  • Sandra Fuentes-Polar
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For Peru, the 1980s represented a time of extreme barbarism. Such type of barbarism had never been seen and suffered by the population during the Republican period of the nation. In May 1980, an internal armed conflict was initiated by the Peruvian Communist Party – Shining Path (SP), a group with a Maoist orientation. What they called “the people’s war” tried to destabilize the State and seize power as their way to react against the acute economic crisis and absence of the Peruvian State in the poverty zones of the country. They were later joined by the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement(MRTA in its Spanish acronym), which was nearer to the Latin American Left organizations. Frequently, the civil population had to assume a position regarding the Peruvian Armed Forces and the rebel groups, thereby becoming the victims of attacks, kidnappings, and selective murders. Both adults and children; men and women, suffered from the disappearances and deaths of their relatives, from sexual...


Sexual Violence Political Violence Forced Displacement Religious Denomination Historical Memory 
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