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13.1 Introduction

The previous 12 chapters have taken a broad overview of the principles behind the various steps that need to be taken to prepare specimens for microscopy and analysis in a scanning electron microscope. It is impossible to cover every aspect of every type of sample and this final chapter provides a guide to additional and more specific information. The first part of this chapter indicates where to find additional information, followed by a list of places where one may purchase the tools, equipment, and consumable supplies needed to carry out sample preparation.

13.2 Verbal Information

13.2.1 International Societies

The International Federation of Societies of Microscopy (IFSM) (, made up of about 40 different societies from all over the world, holds a large meeting every 4 years in different countries. IFSM sponsors regional meetings in the intervening years. These are very large meetings, which attract a large number of delegates and have a large and...


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