Dynamics of Domain Wall Motion in Wires with Perpendicular Anisotropy

  • Dafiné Ravelosona


Recently, much attention has been focused on new concepts of highly integrated spintronics devices based on magnetic domain walls driven by a spin-polarized current. However, several fundamental questions must be answered before the technology can be considered as feasible. This review covers the current understanding of DW propagation along sub-micronic size wires with ultra-thin films having perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. These films exhibit very narrow domain walls that interact strongly with pinning defects, making them model systems to study the dynamics of a 1D interface in a 2D weakly disorder medium. Three important issues are addressed: the peculiarities of domain wall motion driven by magnetic fields in nanoscale devices, the manipulation of the pinning potential for the control of efficient field induced domain wall motion, and the physics of current-driven domain wall motion.


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I wish especially to thank the collaborators of my group at Institut d’Electronique Fondamentale who have been involved in this work: F.Cayssol, J. Wunderlich, C. Burrowes, Y. Lemaho, J.L Menendez, C. Chappert, V. Mathet, N. Vernier, J.V Kim and T. Devolder. This review is also based on many contributions of the Paris-Sud teams working on magnetization reversal in magnetic nanostructures: J. Ferré, J.P Jamet, P. Meyer, S. Lemerle, H. Bernas, A. Thiaville, and J. Miltat. I would also like to give a special thank to S. Mangin, B. Terris, E.E. Fullerton, J. Katine, and J.P Attane, Y. Samson for being involved in this work. A special thank to J.V Kim for the careful reading of the manuscript.


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