Neutron Scattering of Magnetic Materials

  • Olivier Isnard


Neutron scattering is a comprehensive tool for condensed matter research. After a brief description of the interaction of neutrons with matter, the usefulness of neutrons to probe the physical properties of magnetic materials is illustrated using examples taken from different research areas. Then a description of the crystal structure investigation, including in situ and time-resolved studies is given. The use of polarized or unpolarized neutrons to study magnetic structures or magnetic phase transition is also illustrated. The potential of techniques such as small-angle neutron scattering or neutron scattering on magnetic surfaces is presented showing that neutron scattering now offers a wide range of useful techniques to probe the structural and magnetic properties of magnetic materials whatever their state: polycrystalline, single crystal, amorphous, bulk, or thin films. Examples are taken from a wide range of research fields: hard magnetic materials, nanocomposite soft magnets, multilayers, superlattices, geometrically frustrated magnetic materials, etc. The experimental aspects are not covered in detail but relevant references are given throughout the chapter.


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