Hard Magnetic Materials for MEMS Applications

  • Nora M. Dempsey


Micro-magnets of thickness in the range 1−500 μm have many potential applications in micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) because of favorable downscaling laws and their unique ability to produce long range bi-directional forces. The advantages and disadvantages of a number of “top-down” routes, which use bulk processed precursors (magnets or magnetic powders), to produce μ-magnets of thickness in the range 10−500 μm will be discussed. Progress in the fabrication and patterning of thick film magnets (1−100 μm) using “bottom-up” deposition techniques will be reviewed. In particular, recent results concerning high-rate triode sputtering and micro-patterning of high-performance NdFeB and SmCo films will be presented.


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Some of the results presented here were achieved during the thesis of A. Walther (Institut Néel+CEA Léti + G2Elab) and in the framework of the ANR (French National Research Agency) “Nanomag2” project. They are the fruit of collaboration with a number of colleagues including D. Givord (Institut Néel), O. Cugat, J. Delamare, and G. Reyne (G2Elab), C. Marcoux and B. Desloges (CEA Léti), O. Gutfleisch (IFW Dresden) and R. Grechishkin (Tver State University). N. Kornilov is thanked for many fruitful discussions and his invaluable contribution to setting up the triode sputtering system at Institut Néel.


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