Conducted Electrical Weapons: A User’s Perspective


Since the mid-1970s, law enforcement officials have used conducted electrical weapons (CEWs) with varying degrees of success to control violent individuals who resist arrest or help. The TASER® devices have been the most widely used CEWs, ranging from the original 7-watt models (minimally effective as pain-compliance tools) to the 26-watt M-26 model (very effective as neuromuscular incapacitation tools) and now back to a new 7-watt model with the more effective waveform of the X-26. The actual power delivered to the suspect is far less than the power generated internally at the transformer input. Since delivered power is more complicated to measure, a practice was developed to rate CEWs by their internal power. So, the “7-watt” TASER X-26 delivers only a typical 1.3 watts to the suspect—not 7 watts—as its internal power might imply.


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