High-Frequency Control Methods and Devices

  • Alexander A. Ignatiev
Considered are methods for control of high-frequency parameters of layered structures on the basis of ferrite films on the principles of:
  • Selective excitation of a signal in the near zone of a strip line converter in the prelimiting (vvcr) and post-limiting (vvcr) modes

  • Interference attenuation of fast and slow waves in weakly-dissipative layered structures

  • Transparency of a post-limit waveguide with a layered structure on the basis of a ferrite film near its resonant frequency

  • Transparency in layered ferrite-dielectric structures with an absorbing covering

  • Transparency in antiphased balanced waveguide and strip bridges at phase inversion on a ferrite-dielectric structure

Investigations of the microwave and UHF properties of layered structures on the basis of ferrite films allowed requirements to the parameters determining the quality of films in the millimeter range to be formulated. These are, first, the value of ferromagnetic losses (the line width of ferromagnetic resonance ΔH...


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