Recently, the wave and oscillatory processes in layered structures made of epitaxial ferrite films in the linear and nonlinear modes, aimed at the design of new controllable devices for signal processing in the UHF (0.3–3.0 GHz) and EHF (over 30 GHz) ranges are intensely studied.

High-quality films were created in the late 1970s — early 1980s after the appearance of solid ferrites, for which wave processes in various directing systems were analyzed in terms of gyromagnetic electrodynamics. Design principles for ferrite devices in the frequency range of 150–200 GHz, namely, irreversible phase shifters, gates, circulators, harmonic oscillators, power limiters, filters, tunable oscillators [1–26] have been developed. Most research and development of ferrite devices were carried out in subresonance (low in magnitude) magnetic fields [5, 6]. In the sphere of resonant magnetic fields, solid monocrystals (shanks, plates, spheres, disks, compound structures on their basis, including dielectric...


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