A Computerized Solution for the Financial Diagnose of the SMEs

  • Vasile Daniel Păvăloaia
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 28)


In the now-a-days business environment, when efficiency and profitability are two major aspects to be taken into account by any enterprise, including the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), interested in obtaining better economic results, the use of computerized tools for performing the financial diagnose on the activity of an enterprise is a must. From the multitude of information technologies that can be used in order to design such a tool, we choose Exsys Corvid; this software product is very reliable to use, allows integration with other programs (database query) and has its own browser to run the application. One of the paper’s major aims is to illustrate a manner of computerizing the field of financial diagnosis for the case of a Romanian enterprise. Thus, the current study will be conducted by implementing into a real application the theory (from the specialized literature) and expertise (collected from experts) related to the field of financial diagnose and will utilize, for exemplification purposes, the financial ratios that are used in the process of a financial diagnose. The computerized solution can be easily implemented for the case of the SMEs, as well as for any other enterprise, as long as the bankruptcy prediction model used is the proper one.


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  1. 1.Business Information Systems DepartmentAlexandru Ioan Cuza University of IasiIasi 700505Romania

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