11 Conclusion: “The Mere Touch of Cold Philosophy”

  • Arkady Plotnitsky
Part of the Fundamental Theories of Physics book series (FTPH, volume 161)


While aware that many and even most are inclined to bet or at least to hope otherwise, I nevertheless suggested in closing the last chapter and, with it, my main argument in this book that the nonclassical epistemology of quantum theory may be worth a bet and that it might even be our best bet. I would like to stress this is only a bet, indeed a possible bet, which, accordingly, cannot be certain. First of all, apart from the fact that even quantum mechanics may be proven to be wrong by new data, the book’s argument, my main justification for this suggestion, only concerns an interpretation of quantum phenomena and quantum mechanics, both of which, as I qualified throughout, could be and have been interpreted otherwise.


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