Semi-Passive In Situ Bioremediation

  • Thomas A. Krug
  • Evan E. Cox
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7.1 Background

7.1.1 What is a Semi-Passive Approach

Semi-passive enhanced in situ bioremediation (EISB) of perchlorate involves the addition of electron donor on a periodic basis to stimulate natural microbiological populations. Semi-passive EISB approaches are similar to active approaches in that groundwater is recirculated between injection and extraction wells; however, with the semi-passive approach, groundwater is recirculated for an “active phase” of a limited duration (e.g., several days to several weeks) to distribute the electron donor, and then the recirculation system is shut off for a “passive phase” of longer duration (e.g., several weeks to several months).

Figure 7.1shows the induced and natural groundwater flow patterns during the active and passive phases of a semi-passive system. In this case, the injection and extraction wells are configured to create a biobarrier perpendicular to groundwater flow. Groundwater extracted from the central well is amended with...


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