Cost Analysis Of In Situ Perchlorate Bioremediation Technologies

  • Thomas A. Krug
  • Christopher Wolfe
  • Robert D. Norris
  • Carrolette J. Winstead
Part of the SERDP/ESTCP Environmental Remediation Technology book series (SERDP/ESTCP)

10.1 Background

Once the effectiveness and reliability of different remedial approaches have been established, cost becomes a significant factor in selecting a remedial alternative. Evaluation of costs for various remedial approaches requires estimates of not just the initial capital costs, but also the costs of operations and maintenance (O&M), and the necessary monitoring over the life of the project. Such a life-cycle cost analysis can help responsible parties to evaluate not just the total costs of different options, but also the rate and timing of spending. Some remedies will require larger up front investments but have lower life-cycle costs, while other remedies may have relatively low up front costs, but higher O&M costs when compared to other options.

The costs of site remediation begin with the initial or Phase I investigations and continue through closure. The early investigations including preparation of remedial investigation work plans and evaluation of data are...


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