Appendix: Research Approach and Methodology

  • Matthew R Fairholm
  • Gilbert W Fairholm

Much of the data validating the efficacy of the five perspectives in the Leadership Perspectives Model come from original research done by Fairholm (2002). A summary of the project follows.

Research Approach

The purpose of the study was to explore the phenomenon of leadership by examining and enhancing the descriptive power of Fairholm’s (1998a, 1998b) model of five virtual leadership realities using a dual approach of essay content analysis and semistructured interview data compiled from selected middle and senior managers and staff of local government jurisdictions. The exploration of the five leadership conceptions focuses on two different methods to provide corroborating evidence – a type of methodological triangulation, if you will (see Mitchell 1993; Denzin and Lincoln 2000; Hinds and Young 1987; Webb et al. 1966). The two general approaches or research methods used in this study are content analysis and semistructured interview research.

Content Analysis

Content analysis is a...


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