The Spiritual Heart of Leadership

  • Matthew R Fairholm
  • Gilbert W Fairholm

Our inner self has a powerful life of its own. It controls both individual and collective action. As we advance in our understanding of the nature of work, workers, and leadership, it is necessary that we also advance in our understanding of the spiritual facet of these ideas. It is clearly necessary to invent corporate forms appropriate to our multicultural, electronic, global age. But we doom such efforts to failure if they do not respond to something deeper: the widely held core values of participants. Our understanding of leadership develops now toward the final perspective. The center of attention is to the core nature of the individual: the spiritual nature of both leader and led. This perspective asks leaders to see each worker as a whole person with a variety of capacities and attributes that invariably go beyond the narrow confines of job needs or position descriptions.

Spirituality is a new notion in leadership research, one that has been ignored for most of the history of...


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  • Matthew R Fairholm
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