The Values Leadership Perspective

  • Matthew R Fairholm
  • Gilbert W Fairholm

Applying past management models beyond their legitimate bounds only complicates the process of creating a viable leadership theory appropriate to today’s tasks. Fortunately, there is a new philosophy, a new way to think about leadership that is people-focused, values-based, and future-oriented. The key to this model is to re-envision leadership as centered on personal values.

This third perspective in the LPM suggests that leadership is essentially a values-based relationship between leader and follower that allows for group objectives to be achieved without recourse to managerial direction and control. Our past reluctance to deal directly with individual values ignores a vital element of reality and limits our collective capacity to lead. Therefore, a central feature of the Values Leadership Perspective is its emphasis on a few values mutually held by group members. These values are encapsulated in a vision of what the group and its members are and can become.

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