Leadership as Excellence Management

  • Matthew R Fairholm
  • Gilbert W Fairholm

The idea that leadership characterizes only the excellent managers evolved from the leadership as scientific management perspective. It is essentially a transitional perspective rather than an operational one. Popular in the 1970s and 1980s, it focuses on performance excellence in managerial tasks. It centers on the leader’s need to be sensitive to the workers’ human relations needs along with the demands of productivity. Excellence-focused leaders are mature, horizon thinkers with a penchant for high-quality performance. They define their mission in terms of high quality and see leadership as broadly dispersed throughout the organization. They encourage creative use of systems and resources in responding to the pressures of the environment and the desired potential of the future. This accent on excellence encompasses the leader’s ideas about self, followers, and their common corporate culture.

Historically second, this leadership perspective reformulates what has been called the...


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