Leadership as Management

  • Matthew R Fairholm
  • Gilbert W Fairholm

The Western myth of managerial man is one of the dominant myths of our age, the central feature of which is the idea of managerial control over others’ acts and behaviors. For most people, leadership, or a position of leadership, equals a management role with its accompanying tasks and techniques – its technology of control, making decisions, aligning and setting corporate goals, planning, budgeting and directing the effort of the several followers engaged in work. The manager role entails insuring that group activity is timed, programmed, controlled, and predictable. Acceptance of management in business, government, and all other social groups is pervasive and powerful in society. It defines those human attributes thought appropriate to success in the formal corporation, such as competition, ambition, and financial astuteness. In the early days of this century, and even today, management was given prominence over other, some arguably more important, human activities related to...


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