The Leadership Perspectives Model

  • Matthew R Fairholm
  • Gilbert W Fairholm

Leadership is a reality that people accept, and even long for, but rarely understand enough to describe accurately. To understand the true significance of leadership, the analyst must explicitly determine the difference between management and leadership. In the past, the idea of leadership has suffered as it has been defined at best as being synonymous with good management and at worst as just another skill that makes up the competent manager.

One useful difference between management and leadership that others sometimes make implicitly is the idea that headship – the person filling the top box in the organizational chart – is not always leadership, even though much of the literature assumes it is. Differentiating between the structure of headship and the philosophy of leadership allows the concept of leadership to be spread throughout the organization, allowing any worker to develop into a leader in his or her own right.

Leadership is the art of influencing people to accomplish...


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