Biomaterials for Dental Applications

  • Sarit B. Bhaduri
  • Sutapa Bhaduri

Based on population projections, the number of teeth at risk for dental disease in 1980 was 2.8 billion for those over the age of 65, and is expected to increase to 5 billion teeth at risk by 2020 [1]. Dental materials are going to play an important role in the treatment of such ailments. As a matter of fact, dental materials have a long checkered history. From a historical viewpoint, many different materials, both natural and artificial, have been used in treating various oral disorders. Obviously for the materials to succeed, they have to be at least biocompatible and should be able to bond with teeth or bone. These materials should appear like natural tooth, if visible, and exhibit properties similar to those from various parts of a tooth.


Simulated Body Fluid Bioactive Glass Dental Material Zinc Phosphate Resin Cement 
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