Making the Mobile Process Service Market, with a Smart Business Network, in the Northern Dimension

  • Brian G. Keedwell
Part of the IFIP – The International Federation for Information Processing book series (IFIPAICT, volume 283)

Making a new market is a challenge. It requires creation of a new form of value and sustainable capture of a fair market share for the new-market makers. The author’s mission is to initiate the creation of the Mobile Process Service (MPS) market in the Northern Dimension (ND) that consists of Canada, Nordic/Baltics and North-West Russia – hence NDMPS. Mission, Segmentation, Differentiation and Positioning are to be pre-specified at the NDMPS Board level – only then will Innovation begin. Customized Mobile Process Service will enable multi-nationals that conduct such as selling and delivering of complex products and field services, to operate in a wirelessly enabled, process-oriented manner bestowing high quality and productivity upon those processes. Meanwhile the Smart Business Network (SBN) member vendors will each move up the value chain thus escaping from an increasingly commodity-provider role in this Enterprise Mobility domain.


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