Exploring Ontology Adoption and Diffusion in the Construction Virtual Enterprise

  • Yacine Rezgui
Part of the IFIP – The International Federation for Information Processing book series (IFIPAICT, volume 283)

The construction sector has adopted for decades the modus operandi of the virtual enterprise. In this context, a large number of semantic resources have been developed to support seamless collaboration between individuals and teams on projects. However, these tend to be (a) discipline oriented and geared towards servicing specific user community needs or applications; and (b) incomplete in terms of concept, and relationships between concepts covered and conveyed. Therefore, none of these (a) enable effective knowledge management across projects and organizations, (b) are accepted across disciplines, and (c) provide a true conceptualization of the construction domain. The paper argues the case for the development of knowledge-rich ontologies, and explores the factors that may hinder or promote their wide adoption and diffusion.


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  • Yacine Rezgui
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