Mitochondria in Hematology

  • Stefanie Zanssen

The “mitochondrial clock” limits human life span by decreasing energy supply in the aged. If other mechanisms to limit human life span, such as severe infections or cancer, are eliminated, even the “healthy” aging rarely live beyond 100 years owing to mitochondrial degeneration, one of the three bases of aging. This refers to a substantial higher mutation rate of the mitochondrial genome than the nuclear genome (6 × 10−11 mutations per site per cell division), which is caused by a weaker mitochondrial repair system (Wallace1999). The estimated mutation rate of the mitochondrial genome from pedigree-derived data, for somatic mutations, for substitution rates in cultured cells, and for stem cells is strikingly similar and corresponds to 1.10 mutations per site per million years (Taylor et al.2003).

In fetal life the mutation load of the mitochondrial genome is very low, approximately 0.02%, but increases steadily over human life and aged people in their nineties may end up with 5–10%...


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