Benign Epidermal Tumors

  • Michael B. Morgan


  • EPIDEMIOLOGY: VV-Common, SK-Common, CCA-Uncommon.

  • ETIOLOGY: VV-HPV infection, SK-Unknown, CCA-Phosphorylase deficiency.

  • PATHOLOGY: VV-Digitate squamous proliferation with hypergranulosis and koliocytes, SK-Hyperkeratosis with acanthosis and horn cysts, CCA-Clear cell acanthosis with neutrophilic infiltration.

  • CLINICAL: PVV-Hyperkeratotic flat or popular neoplasm, SK-Hyperpigmented patch or plaque, CCA-Sticky papule.


Renal Transplant Patient Epidermal Hyperplasia Cutaneous Malignancy Benign Entity Seborrheic Keratosis 
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