Melanocyte Pathology

  • Michael B. Morgan


  • EPIDEMIOLOGY: Common, 1/20 incidence of basal cell carcinoma.

  • PATHOGENISIS: UV light, p-53, C- kit, p16 Braf/ras/erk genetic defects.

  • CLINICAL: Irregular hyperpigmented patch on sun-exposed site.


Basal Cell Carcinoma Invasive Melanoma Ultraviolet Exposure Atypical Nevus Pagetoid Scatter 
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  • Michael B. Morgan
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  1. 1.Bay Area Dermatopathology Ameripath, and Director of Primary Care Institute, Dermpath DiagnosticsUniversity of South Florida College of Medicine, and Director, Dermatopathology, Haley V.A. Hospital, and Managing DirectorTampaUSA

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