Paget’s Disease

  • Michael B. Morgan


  • EPIDEMIOLOGY: Uncommon, elderly, mammary and extra-mammary.

  • ETIOLOGY: Unknown

  • PATHOLOGY: Single and nested clear cells throughout the epithelium, CEA+, CK-7+, EMA+.

  • CLINICAL: Scaly or erythematous patch areola or genitalia.

  • TREATMENT: Supportive for mammary, excision with genitourinary/gastrointestinal w/u for extra-mammary.


Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell Leukocyte Common Antigen Mohs Micrographic Surgery Erythematous Patch Visceral Malignancy 


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  1. 1.Bay Area Dermatopathology Ameripath, and Director of Primary Care Institute, Dermpath DiagnosticsUniversity of South Florida College of Medicine, and Director, Dermatopathology, Haley V.A. Hospital, and Managing DirectorTampaUSA

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