Information Security and Information Security Governance

  • S.H. von Solms
  • R von Solms


Chapter 1 introduced Corporate Governance and Chapter 2 investigated Information Technology Governance (ITG) and its relationship with Corporate Governance. It was also indicated that Information Security Governance (ISG) is strongly related to ITG.

This chapter now moves to the real emphasis of this book: Information Security and ISG. It will first investigate Information Security as a discipline, and then look at ISG.

Information Security as a Multi-Dimensional Discipline

From Best Practice experience in the field of Information Security, it has become clear that it is a multi-dimensional discipline, and these different dimensions cover the span from strategic through tactical to operational aspects.

There is no single silver bullet for Information Security – this means that Information Security can only be successfully and effectively implemented in a company if all the constituting dimensions are implemented in a holistic and comprehensive way.

In this chapter,...


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