Information Technology Governance

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In Chapter 1 the concept of Corporate Governance was introduced, and it was indicated that Information Technology Governance (ITG) is a very important component or subset of Corporate Governance. In this chapter ITG will be investigated in more detail.

What is IT Governance?

There are many definitions of ITG, and the following one represents the view of the authors of this book:

ITG is the responsibility of the Board of Directors and Executive Management. It is an integral part of enterprise (corporate) Governance and consists of the leadership and organisational structures and processes that ensure that the organisation's IT sustains and extends the organisation's strategies and objectives [1].

From the quote above, it is clear that accountability and responsibility for IT Governance rests with the Board of Directors and Executive Management.

The following quote gives an idea of this responsibility:

The Board of Directors of my company is well aware of its role to oversee...


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