The Increasingly Curious Response to Children's Harms

The study of child maltreatment has come of age and offers us a tremendous wealth of information. Scientific journals directly dealing with violence against children flourish, and numerous academic books carefully document the nature, causes, consequences, and prevention of a wide variety of harms children suffer (Helfer, Kempe, & Krugman, 1997; Kendall-Tackett & Giacomoni, 2005). In addition and at the behest of the federal government, states now collect unprecedented amounts of information relating to their responses to child maltreatment (Haskins, Wulczyn, & Webb, 2007). Because this information increasingly results in empirically robust findings, leading researchers conclude that we now have gained policy-relevant research that can be harnessed to reform child protection laws and policies in ways more consistent with our empirical understanding of maltreatment and of governmental responses to it (Haskins, Wulczyn, & Webb, 2007). Without doubt, the progress in providing usable...


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