Case Finding, Screening, and Referral

  • Amanda B. Nickerson
  • Melissa A. Reeves
  • Stephen E. Brock
  • Shane R. Jimerson
Part of the Developmental Psychopathology at School book series (DPS, volume 2)

The goal of this chapter is to provide school-based mental health professionals with information and guidance that will alert them to the possible presence of PTSD and the need for diagnostic assessment. It begins with a discussion of the school-based mental health professional’s roles, responsibilities, and limitations in the identification of PTSD. It then explores specific risk factors and warning signs, concluding with an examination of specific case finding and screening techniques.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Limitations of School-Based Mental Health Professionals

Although diagnosing PTSD is not a primary role of school psychologists (and in fact most are not trained to make this clinical diagnosis), they are responsible for case finding, screening, referral, and conducting a psycho-educational evaluation as indicated. Thus, it is critical they are able to utilize various screening and assessment tools to identify risk factors and warning signs, have a basic understanding of the...


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