HSS Features and Functions

  • James Donald Rockrohr

In Chap. 1, a number of basic features and functions of High-Speed Serdes (HSS) cores were discussed. In this chapter, the HSS EX10 10-Gbps core is described. This core is a fictitious example which implements specific features using specific input/output pins and programmable registers. The HSS EX10 is presented for tutorial purposes, with composite feature descriptions drawn from a number of real HSS core examples.

The operation of various features of the EX10 is described in sufficient detail for the reader to gain an appreciation of nuances associated with using such a core. Since this is primarily a tutorial example, features are not described in as much detail as would be found in the databook for a real HSS core, and in some cases the operation and programming of certain functions has been simplified where additional complexity would not serve an educational purpose. From this chapter, the reader should gain an appreciation for the types of features that may or may not be found...


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