Serdes Concepts

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This chapter describes basic methods of transferring data from one chip to another chip, either on the same circuit board or across a cable or backplane to another circuit board. After reading this chapter, the reader should have a basic understanding of the rationale for using high-speed serializer/deserializer (Serdes) devices, and the inherent problems introduced by the high-speed operation of such devices.

1.1 The Parallel Data Bus

The simplest method of transferring data through the inputs or outputs of a silicon chip is to directly connect the datapath from one chip to the next chip (see Fig. 1.1). Since data often consists of more than one bit of information, the datapath is more than one-bit wide. In the figure, an n-bit datapath inside Chip #1 is driven through chip outputs, across an n bit interconnect, through inputs of Chip #2, to an n-bit datapath inside the receiving chip. Synchronous data is transferred between the two chips since both chips are clocked by the same...


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