ConAgra: Audience Complexity in Risk Communication

  • Elizabeth Petrun
Part of the Food Microbiology and Food Safety book series (FMFS)

In October 2007, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced than ConAgra pot pies, including Banquet and private label brands produced at a single ConAgra plant in Marshall, Missouri, were linked to nearly 300 cases of unique types of Salmonella (ConAgra, 2007). Within a short period of time, ConAgra Foods issued a recall of all brands associated with their pot pie product. Focusing on ConAgra's crisis, this case study provides a vivid demonstration of the complexity of risk communication during a recall event. It underscores the importance of addressing the multiple audiences associated with a product. This case study proceeds with an overview and timeline of the case, an examination of the messages issued by ConAgra using the conceptual framework of the best practices of risk communication, and practical implications for effective risk communication. This case proceeds as follows: (1) an overview of the case, including a time line, is given; (2) the case is then...


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