Getting Out of Denial

  • Seth C. Kalichman

Having immersed myself in the world of denialism, upon reflection I think it is best summed up as resembling a beehive. At first glance, denialism appears to be a chaotic swam of senseless and haphazard activity. But all of that random activity is really deceptive. Closer inspection reveals a highly organized social structure of leaders and drones, all sharing the common purpose of protecting the hive. I would not go as far as to say that denialism is as organized as a beehive, but it is also a mistake to think that denialism is a chaotic swam. What at first may appear to be a few crackpots and deranged scientists exploiting AIDS for some self-indulging gratification turns out to be a far more complex social and psychological phenomenon. And of course, sticking your hand in the hive will mean you will surely be stung.

What then is the social order of denialism? I see denialism as a whole best characterized as a three-tiered pyramid scheme. The top tier has been the focus of this book,...


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