Politics of Denialism

  • Seth C. Kalichman

The AIDS crisis in America emerged out of the post-Vietnam, post-civil rights, and post-sexual revolution era. Having been organized around the civil rights struggle, gay communities were loaded with well-informed and skilled activists ready to answer the call of AIDS. One example is Chris Fons, the first AIDS activist I personally knew. Chris was born in 1968 and talked about how his mother demonstrated on nearly every social issue of the 1970s. As a young boy, Chris attended women’s rights demonstrations, political rallies, and anti-war meetings, sometimes all in one day! It would seem that Chris had activism in his DNA and when he tested HIV positive he immediately became involved in the radical AIDS activist group AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACTUP), soon becoming one of the most visible AIDS activists in the mid-west. Chris spoke to countless high schools about AIDS. High schools were his specialty because he may have been in his twenties, but he looked like he was in his...


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