HIV/AIDS Denialism Is Alive and Well

  • Seth C. Kalichman

“Are they still around?” That is what nearly everyone in the United States said, when I told them about this book. They found it difficult to believe that after all these years, anyone still questions the cause of AIDS. Scientists have admittedly found it easy to ignore denialism. We typically dismiss HIV/AIDS denialists as a small group of rogue journalists and unstable troublemakers. Sadly, people who work on HIV/AIDS often fail to realize that denialism is a significant problem because denialists dissuade those affected by AIDS from seeking help. People who are lured to denialism are invisible to AIDS service and treatment providers. Denialism – like stigma, sexism, and homophobia – undermines the fight against AIDS. At the very least, denialism diverts attention and resources from the global AIDS disaster. At its worst, it disinforms affected populations about the importance of prevention, the necessity of HIV testing, and the availability of life-prolonging treatments. At its...


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