Clinical Outcome of General-Category Enteral Foods

This chapter presents the case studies relating to the clinical efficacy of the two general-category enteral foods, namely low-cost general-category enteral foods (GEF-LC) and ready-to-eat general-category enteral foods (GEF-RT) that were developed based on natural food ingredients. It was necessary to do so because usefulness of any food is established only when it serves the purpose for which it was developed and accepted by the group or individual for whom it was intended. Because these two foods were developed to meet the nutritional needs of the general-category patients, controlled clinical trials on patients suffering from specific diseases were not conducted. Instead, individual case studies were carried out on 100 patients admitted to the medical and surgical units of seven tertiary care hospitals in India. The patients received either the GEF-LC or the GEF-RT as total or partial enteral nutritional support. The overall acceptability, tolerance, and clinical outcome of the enteral foods were observed following a protocol developed for the particular patient. The general features of this protocol are presented in Appendix B.

Following are the few selected patients who received either GEF-LC or GEF-RT as total or partial enteral nutritional support.


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