Nutrition Support During Illness

The knowledge of human nutrition does not only prevent deficiency diseases but also helps manage many diseases. One of the most important advances in modern medicine is better understanding of the role of basic and conditionally essential nutrients including fluid and electrolytes in the nutritional management of patients. Proper nutritional support to patients at large and hospitalized ones in particular plays an important role in effective medical treatment, speedy recovery, reducing the hospital stay and the medical expenses, besides decreasing the mortality and morbidity rate. Hence, a number of medical foods have been developed and marketed throughout the world. This chapter introduces the subject of medical and enteral nutrition, enumerates the history of enteral nutrition, states the merits of enteral nutrition over parenteral nutrition, and explains the gut physiology during enteral and parenteral nutrition support. Further, this chapter discusses some of the food processing technologies such as malting, popping, toasting, and spray drying that are applicable to enteral food formulation from natural food ingredients.


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