Performance Engineering and Management Method — A Holistic Approach to Performance Engineering

  • Dave Jewell

Experience has shown that there is no one “silver bullet” for achieving acceptable performance in IT solutions. Early performance models help us ask the right questions but may not be as accurate as we would like in predicting future performance and capacity utilization. Performance testing of the solution once it is built gives us more accurate information, but may occur too late in the life cycle to permit fixing persistent performance problems in a timely manner. The Performance Engineering and Management Method (PEMM), first proposed by IBM in 1998, integrates these and other techniques into the Information Technology (IT) solution development life cycle, yielding a more comprehensive approach to addressing the risks related to IT performance, capacity and scalability. This paper provides an overview of the major themes of PEMM, including examples of its application and potential synergy to be gained by combining PEMM with other disciplines such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) Capacity Management.


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