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  • Cheryl Rozanski
  • Kelvin P. Lee*
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1 Introduction

The concept of a costimulatory signal requirement for immune cell activation has been attributed to Bretscher and Cohn,7 who first proposed that B cell activation required two signals. This model was subsequently modified by Lafferty and Cunningham for T cell activation and allograft rejection.7,34 For naïve T cell activation, signal one is delivered by the T cell receptor (TCR) binding to cognate antigen presented by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules on professional antigen presentation cells (APCs). The second signal is delivered by costimulatory receptor binding to its ligand(s) on the APC. While the costimulatory signal alone characteristically has no effect on T cells, in combination with a signal 1 it has been clearly shown to enhance cytokine secretion, proliferation, metabolic fitness, and survival during T cell activation.

The prototypic costimulatory receptor is CD28, and its effect on T cell activation has been extensively characterized....


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