LQG Controller

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This chapter presents the tuning process of the LQG controller. Its applications in the antenna industry are discussed in many papers, but scarcely implemented. LQG controllers are implemented at the 34- and 70-m Deep Space Network antennas.

The discussion begins with the short description of the LQG controller, and its tracking version, gives the closed loop equations of a flexible antenna with the LQG controller, and shows the similarity of the PI and LQG controllers. It discusses how to select the LQG weights to obtain the required performance, present the controller tuning steps, and show the limits of the performance. Next, it presents two graphical user interfaces (GUI) to tune the LQG controllers. The GUIs do not require detailed knowledge of the tuning process to obtain excellent closed loop performance. The chapter also discusses the LQG controller in the velocity loop.

Properties of the LQG Controller

The LQG controllers are well established; see, for example, [4, 5, 6], [8],...


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