Preliminaries to Control

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Before starting the controller tuning process, one has to know the criteria that the closed loop system should satisfy. Also, one has to prepare the plant model (in our case the velocity loop model) such that it is the convenient configuration for the controller tuning. This chapter defines the performance criteria used in the controller tuning process. Also, before starting the tuning process, the plant model (antenna velocity loop model) is transformed and augmented to make the tuning more straightforward, and analysis physically interpretable.

Performance Criteria

The controller performance is evaluated using the following criteria:
  • Settling time of a small step response, shown in Fig. 6.1. Settling time is defined as the time at which the antenna encoder output remains within ±3% threshold of the nominal value of the step command. For example, a 5.1 s settling time due to a 0.02 deg step command is illustrated in Fig. 6.1. The settling time indicates how fast antenna reacts to the...


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