This chapter presents the development of the analytical model of the antenna velocity loop. The analytical model includes the antenna structure, its drives, and the velocity loop itself. First, a rigid antenna model is discussed. Next, the modal model of a flexible antenna structure is analyzed based on the finite-element data. The modal model is transferred into the state-space model, in both continuous- and discrete-time. Next, the drive model is derived, and combined into the velocity loop model. Finally, the impact of the drive parameters (gearbox stiffness and motor inertia) on the velocity loop properties is analyzed. It is worth to remind that the analytical model is mainly used in the design stage of the antenna. Due to limited accuracy of the analytical modeling, these models cannot be used in implementation, such as the model-based controllers.

Rigid Antenna Model

In this section the velocity loop of a rigid-body antenna is analyzed. Such models represents an antenna without...


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