Practical Considerations for Accurate Measurements with DIC

  • Michael A. Michael A.
  • Jean-José Orteu
  • Hubert W. Schreier
As shown in the several 2D examples in Chapter 6, the 3D examples in Chapter 7 and the volumetric imaging study in Chapter 8, digital image correlation has been used to make accurate measurements in a wide range of physically relevant experiments, ranging from the micro-scale to structural scale. As with any measurement method, effective use in laboratory or field conditions requires that the experimentalist exercise appropriate judgment when:
  • Selecting Lenses And Other Optical Components For Specific Experiments

  • Identifying And Employing Appropriate Digital Cameras

  • Configuring And Locating Each Component In The Imaging System

  • Arranging The Lighting Components

  • Determining The Appropriate Patterning Approach And Speckle Size

  • Choosing appropriate exposure time

In Section 10.1, practical suggestions regarding general imaging considerations are provided. These include (a) depth of field and field of view, (b) image artifacts that may affect measurement accuracy, (c) subset patterning and (d) exposure time. In Section 10.2, issues related to 2D-DIC measurements that are discussed include (e) out-of-plane motion (f) high magnification and depth of field and (g) measurement accuracy. In Section 10.3, issues related to 3D-DIC measurements that are discussed include (h) camera selection, (i) system configuration and specimen positioning, (j) calibration and (k) measurement accuracy.


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