Terms, Models, Resources, and Evaluation

  • William Hersh
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The goal of this book is to present the field of information retrieval (IR), with an emphasis on the health and biomedical domain. To many, “information retrieval” implies retrieving information of any type from a computer. However, to those working in the field, it has a different, more specific meaning, which is the retrieval of information from databases that predominantly contain textual information. A field at the intersection of information science and computer science, IR concerns itself with the indexing and retrieval of information from heterogeneous and mostly textual information resources. The term was coined by Mooers (1951), who advocated that it be applied to the “intellectual aspects” of description of information and systems for its searching.

The advancement of computer technology, however, has altered the nature of IR. As recently as the 1970s, Lancaster (1978) stated that an IR system does not inform the user about a subject; it merely indicates the existence (or...


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