Electron Transport in Nanocrystalline Silicon

  • H. Mizuta
  • S. Uno
  • N. Mori
  • S. Oda
  • N. Koshida
Part of the Nanostructure Science and Technology book series (NST)

1. Introduction To Electron Transport In Nanocrystalline Silicon

In recent years, electron transport properties of nanocrystalline Si (nc-Si) have attracted increasing interests along with the remarkable progress of nc-Si material control technologies. The nanometer-scale size of individual Si nanocrystals leads to various electronic and photonic properties associated with quantum confinement, single-electron tunneling, and charge quantization. These unique properties have been exploited for fabricating experimental single-electron transistors and memories [1, 2], ballistic electron emitters [3], and silicon light emitting devices [4]. Strong tunnel coupling between double nc-Si dots via ultra thin interface layers may also be utilized to realize a charge quantum bit (qubit), based on the molecular states formed in the structure [5]. It has also been pointed out very recently that the phonon states and electron—phonon interactions in the nc-Si differ very much from those for bulk Si...


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The authors are very grateful to Dr. Y. Tsuchiya, Dr. K. Usami, Dr. M. Khalafalla, Dr. S. Huang, Dr. K. Nishiguchi (now of NTT Basic Res. Lab.), Dr. A. Dutta, Mr. T. Nakatsukasa (now of Toppan Printing Co. Ltd.), Mr. A. Surawijaya, Dr. Y. Kawata, Dr. A. Tanaka, Mr. N. Momo, Mr. T. Nagami, Mr. S. Higashijima, Mr. G. Yamahata, Mr. J. Ogi of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Dr. Z.A.K. Durrani, Mr. A. Rafiq and Dr. J. Gorman of University of Cambridge for their valuable technical contributions. The authors also gratefully acknowledge Dr. D.A. Williams of Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, Dr. S. Saito, Dr. T. Arai of Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Dr. T. Shimada of Quantum 14 Co. Ltd., Prof. K. Nakazato of Nagoya University for very useful discussions.


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    • 1
  • S. Uno
  • N. Mori
  • S. Oda
  • N. Koshida
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